MAICO touchTymp MI 26

Benefit from fast screening tympanometry and audiometry in one exceptional device. MAICO’s touchTymp MI 26 lets you switch easily between audiometry and tympanometry tests without changing devices. Ideal for a limited desk space.

touchTymp’s full 10.4” touchscreen comes with a user-friendly interface and intuitive operation. Quickly change parameters and select the desired protocol. touchTymp MI 26 offers comprehensive standard protocols: tympanometry with 226 Hz, tympanometry with automatic or fixed acoustic reflexes and audiometry (air conduction and optional bone conduction). The optional high-frequency probetone of 1 kHz is ideal for providing reliable results when testing newborns.

The device comes with an ergonomic pen probe which provides a real-time progression of the tympanometry tests. The light indicator on the probe shows you which ear is tested and the test result.

NZ Medsafe ID: 180418-WAND-6Q65WQ

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Features and downloads

  • Screening tympanometer with audiometry functions
  • Ergonomic pen probe included
  • Probe tone 226 Hz
  • Acoustic reflex frequencies 500 Hz, 1 kHz, 2 KHz, 4 kHz (ipsi- and optional contralateral)
  • AC audiometry (BC optional)