MAICO easyTymp™

The easyTymp™ is the ideal handheld device for middle ear screening tests. It performs reliable tympanometry and ipsilateral reflex tests within seconds. The intensity of the four frequencies of the ipsilateral reflex test is increased automatically until a reflex is detected or the maximum is reached.

All available test protocols can be easily selected with one hand. Available test protocols: Tympanometry with 226 Hz, Tympanometry and Auto Reflex or Tympanometry with Reflex at 90 dB.

The easyTymp™ cradle serves as a docking station and recharger. It is available as a version with eartip box or integrated printer.

NZ Medsafe ID: 150818-WAND-6KDFAR

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Features and downloads

  • Get test results within seconds
  • With 10.4" full-touchpad interface for easy handling
  • Innovative probe lights for real-time progression of the test
  • Probe tone 226 Hz, 678 Hz, 800 Hz included
  • ETF and Reflex Decay test for perforated and intact eardrums
  • Built-in printer