Otowave 102-1

The smallest admittance meter in the amplivox family is the Otowave 102. The instrument is shaped to follow the contours of a hand and with a perfect weight distribution, tests can be completed with confidence and accuracy.

The device has shown it's strength for the last decade and became one of the strongest middle ear analyzers used for tympanometry in adults and children. Also, ispilateral reflex testing at 1 kHz can easily be conducted with the Otowave 102, making it the ideal instrumentation to be used by audiologists, ENTs and in primary care.

NZ Medsafe ID: 090811-WAND-67ABJ4

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Features and downloads

  • Auto pass/refer evaluation (tymp and reflexes)
  • Real live tympanometry
  • Customisable reflex test (1 frequency)
  • 2 mode reflex test (single and multi mode)
  • Standard PC interface
  • Portable printer available
  • Portable and battery operated
  • Large graphics display