MedRx USB Video Otoscope

The MedRx Video Otoscope set the clinical standard for precise imagery and archiving. Its patented lens/probe design presents ultra-clear and crisp images that can be stored in NOAH™.

The Otoscope is offered in two configurations – with a built-in LED light source or with a powerful external light source.

The MedRx Video Otoscope features auto-focusing so images are easy to obtain and archive. Photos can be annotated with notes and observations. Both configurations are available with a USB video capture device.

NZ Medsafe ID: 150825-WAND-6KEY4V

Features and downloads

  • Capture, View and Store Digital Images
  • Perform an Otoscopic Examination and Place the Probe Microphone Tube in the Ear Canal
  • Conveniently Shows a List of Captured Pictures, Comments and Previews of the Selected Images
  • View a Picture then Zoom In and Enhance it
  • User Friendly, NOAH™ & TIMS® Compatible