The ERO•SCAN™ for frequency specific TEOAE and / or DPOAE comes with a real plus: The sharp organic LED display allows direct evaluation via value and bar diagram, thus making the handling even more comfortable. Appropriate to your needs you can choose between the ERO•SCAN™ with screening or diagnostic functions.

The ERO•SCAN™ with screening functions comes with automated evaluation and is the ideal solution for screening newborns, infants, pre-school and nursery children.

NZ Medsafe ID: 180418-WAND-6Q65YT

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Features and downloads

  • Performing screening and diagnostic testing with TE and / or DPOAE
  • Fast automatic test with Pass/Refer and graphical test result display
  • Direct evaluation via value and bar diagram
  • Up to 12 frequencies displayed within the device, DP up to 12 kHz
  • 5 DP / 2 TE protocols with user customizable parameters (Diagnostic Version)