MAICO easyScreen

OAE + ABR screening capabilities in one handy device

With MAICO's easyScreen you have TEOAE, DPOAE plus ABR screening capabilities in one handy system. It is fast, easy to operate and includes an on-screen guidance. easyScreen’s OAE probe is light-weight and fits easily into even the smallest ears.

  • Doctor by a computer looking at a MAICO easyScreen
  • A healthcare person looking at a MAICO easyScreen while baby is sleeping in the background
  • A binaural automated ABR method is used while testing a sleeping baby with MAICO easyScreen and Sanibel Infant EarCup
  • Probe for MAICO easyScreen
  • Woman performing a screening test on a sleeping baby and the mother is watching
  • MAICO easyScreen
  • A mother holding her baby while doctor is performing a screening with a MAICO easyScreen
  • MAICO easyScreen from the side
  • MAICO easyScreen floating in the air
  • easyscreen_oae_800x800

Features and downloads

  • OAE + ABR combo device
  • Large color touchscreen
  • On-screen guidance; i.e. probe fitting feedback, noise monitoring
  • HearSIM™ patient database and device manager