Interacoustics Titan

OAE modules with specialized advantages: diagnostic OAE assessment and newborn hearing screening

The Titan platform is the ultimate solution for OAE newborn hearing screening or diagnostic follow-up. The OAE module offers both DPOAE and TEOAE.

The screening versions offer speed, precision and user-friendliness. The Titan ensures exact intensity stimulation throughout the test and monitors the ongoing noise resulting in the most accurate results achievable. Combined with Bayesian weighted averaging that counteracts excess patient noise, the software is extremely efficient especially for infant screening.

The clinical versions provide unsurpassed flexibility and a comprehensive frequency range for a full diagnostic evaluation. Customizable protocols offer an unlimited number of tests utilizing a multitude of parameters including stimuli, intensity, stop criteria and much more.

Both modules are capable of performing pressurized OAE measurements, which is especially useful when testing infants & younger children with middle ear conditions. The technique reduces the effects of negative middle ear pressure and more children can potentially be diagnosed earlier.

The modular unit can be configured to perform automated ABR, DPOAE, TEOAE, tympanometry and Wideband Tympanometry making it possible to test the entire auditory pathway.

NZ Medsafe ID: 150826-WAND-6KF3VW

Features and downloads

  • Intuitive operation
  • Handheld or PC-controlled
  • Patient upload and session download
  • Fully customizable protocols
  • Common probe for all tests