Interacoustics Audiometer Keyboard


The Audiometer Keyboard is a dedicated keyboard for Interacoustics’ Affinity Compact, Affinity, and Equinox. It merges the feel of standalone audiometry with the data security and efficiency of working PC based. The simple, ergonomic design helps to keep focus on the patient, with nine customizable F-keys for a personalized workflow. With the Audiometer Keyboard’s easy to clean, silicone surface and sleek design, it is a neat and hygienic solution that will fit nicely on your desk.


  • Silicone surface
  • Nine customizable F-keys
  • Plug in via USB – no installation required
  • LED lights which indicate different functions
  • Almost silent multi-functional dials, buttons, and switches
  • Compatible with Interacoustics’ Affinity Compact, Affinity, and Equinox