Micromedical VisualEyes™ 505 by Interacoustics

Video Frenzel

VisualEyes™ 505 is a video eye movement analysis system, which utilizes an advanced and userfriendly goggle design. VisualEyes™ 505 can perform the Spontaneous Nystagmus, Headshake and Dix-Hallpike tests. Should you require extra functionality, then you can add the VORTEQ™ Assessment Package to your test battery, including the Advanced Dix-Hallpike, Lateral Head Roll and Dynamic Visual Acuity tests. The first of which uses torsional eye tracking. VisualEyes™ 505 can also be upgraded to 515/525, which uses the same interface and goggles.

NZ Medsafe ID: 151005-WAND-6KNP47

Features and downloads

  • Spontaneous nystagmus detection algorithm
  • Built-in fixation light
  • High-end USB camera system
  • OtoAccess® integration
  • Optional VORTEQ™ Assessment add-on
  • Can be upgraded to VisualEyes™ 515/525