MedRx AVANT A2D+ Audiometer


The AVANT A2D+ is a compact and powerful dual channel, Air, Bone, Speech Audiometer. It offers Pure Tone Audiometry via earphones or bone conduction, Masking and Speech Audiometry with SRT (Speech Reception Threshold) and WR (Word Recognition), SISI, ABLB and Tone Decay Tests. Additional features are HLS (Hearing Loss Simulator), Master Hearing Aid, QuickSin testing and automatic audiometry.

The AVANT™ A2D+ is truly plug and play. No need to load separate drivers during the initial device installation. Simply install the operating software, plug the device into the USB 2.0 port of your computer and you are ready to test. No longer USB port specific! The computer will recognize the audiometer immediately, making the installation process even faster and easier.

The new design also provides dual air conduction ports, allowing two separate headsets to be plugged in simultaneously. No more inconvenient plugging and unplugging of headsets.

NZ Medsafe ID: 150825-WAND-6KEY1V

Features and downloads

  • HID device - True Plug and Play audiometer
  • Dual Channel Audiometer
  • Air, Bone & Speech Functions
  • Powerful 3rd Party Counseling Tools
  • Integrated Quick SINTM, Automatic Audiometry