Interacoustics Clinical Audiometer Equinox 2.0

Interacoustics Equinox 2.0

Clinical Audiometer

Equinox 2.0 is a user-friendly, PC-based clinical audiometer. A full clinical audiometer, which can be directly integrated with databases and electronic medical record systems. With the Equinox 2.0, you get a comprehensive test battery, counseling tools, flexible reporting, built-in wavefiles and recorded speech. Plus, its flexibility allows for easy customization to fit with your workflow.

NZ Medsafe ID: 151005-WAND-6KNOZG

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  • Interacoustics Clinical Audiometer Equinox 2.0

Features and downloads

  • Quick and easy operation
  • Patient counseling overlays
  • Flexible reporting
  • Wave files and recorded speech (VA lists)