Amplivox PC850

Portable PC-based automatic audiometer

The Amplivox PC850 was especially designed to meet the need of occupational health facilities. In order to be flexible in use, the PC850 was build leightweight (710 g) and small, to allow maximal portability and mobile audiometry. Further, the device integrates with a PC to provide a comprehensive and pro-active audiometric facility. Tests can be conducted automatically by the machine itself, so more dedicated time can be spend on the patient. On-screen audiometric questionnaire facilitate a completely paper-less audiometric function.

All tests can be reviewed on-screen and subsequently printed or electronically exported if required. The Amplivox PC850 is compatible with all leading occupational health databases to provide electronic data storage and statistical analysis benefits. The audiometer can interface to OPAS and E-OPAS, Cohort and Medgate OH databases, making it ideal for the use in occupational health facilities.

NZ Medsafe ID: 090923-WAND-67JJKI

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Features and downloads

  • Pro-active PC-based automatic audiometer
  • Bekesy test function
  • Test results analysis
  • User definable recall facility
  • Identification of ‘at risk’ personnel
  • In-depth management analysis