Amplivox CA850

Automatic audiometer

To simplify the daily work routine in industrial mass screening programmes, the CA850 has been engineered to ease your day. No difficulties can be found operating the device, as the dedicated keyboard in combination with the workflow allows an intuative operation of the CA850. From switch-on, three key presses and a test is performed. The audiogram and related test information are displayed on the large integral LCD for review and to ensure no inconsistencies. To allow you to take more focused time for your patient, the CA850 offers you assistive function in automatically measure, record and categorise hearing levels in the most effective manner possible.

NZ Medsafe ID: 090923-WAND-67JJL1

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Features and downloads

  • Automatic audiometry
  • Password protected database (up to 2000 records)
  • HSE results categorisation
  • Archive quality printouts with optional portable printer
  • Interface to OPAS and E-OPAS, Cohort and Medgate OH databases