Model 240

Portable diagnostic audiometer

The Amplivox 240 audiometer has proven its worth in being one of the most portable diagnostic audiometers on the market. The Amplivox 'plug and play' functionality allows a fast and easy set-up of the device and further an intuative operation of all diagnostic functions. Standard features include an manual (AC, BC) and automatic test function (AC), masking, an attenuator range up to 120 dBHL and an integral talkover function, making the Amplivox 240 the ideal choice in any situation. Obtained results can be saved in memory, printed with the optional printer and/or transferred to a PC with the optional NOAH interface to allow further processing of test data.

NZ Medsafe ID: 090923-WAND-67JJN7

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Features and downloads

  • Leightweigth and portable
  • Threshold retention function
  • Insert headphones (option)
  • Test frequencies can be customized to specific need
  • With battery or with power supply