MAICO MB 11 Classic

The MAICO MB 11 Classic offers very fast automated ABR screening tests. CE-ChirpTM stimulates all regions of the cochlea simultaneously thus generating much higher responses and faster results compared to a standard click. Using an advanced FSS algorithm, the measurement obtains very fast and reliable results. If a response at 35 dBHL is detected, the test takes less than 3 minutes.

The MB 11 Classic offers binaural automated ABR Screening tests with only three electrodes, which is supported by an integrated automatic impedance check to ensure good testing conditions.

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Features and downloads

  • Fast and automatic ABR-screening, reliable results within seconds
  • Simultaneous binaural hearing screening for all ages
  • CE-Chirp™ stimulus evoking a higher ABR than a Click stimulus (Elberling et. al. 2007)
  • Advanced ABR detection algorithm provides “PASS” or “REFER” result
  • Automatic impedance check ensuring precise and clear signal conditions