Interacoustics Sera – Handheld OAE and automated ABR screener

Interacoustics Sera™

Automated ABR screener

SeraTM with ABRIS (automated ABR screening) offers the opportunity to easily and quickly detect a potential hearing loss in newborns. The simple on-screen instructions guide you through your test and the default automated ABR screening protocol provides a fast and reliable pass or refer result in no time.

You can combine your SeraTM automated ABR screener with both DPOAE and TEOAE or you can choose automated ABR only, making it the perfect choice for any newborn hearing screening program.

NZ Medsafe ID: 180417-WAND-6Q5ZFP

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  • Interacoustics Sera – Handheld OAE and automated ABR screener

Features and downloads

  • Automated ABR only or combined with OAE
  • Choose between inserts or earcups
  • Efficient & fast newborn hearing screening
  • Optimized for noisy environments
  • Binaural automated ABR screening
  • Unique CE-Chirp® stimulus reduces test time
  • Wireless charging and printing
  • Intuitive workflow