MAICO easyScreen

MAICO easyScreen

ABR + OAE combo device for Newborn Hearng Screening

With easyScreen MAICO combines ABR, TEOAE and DPOAE testing capabilities in one light-weight device to realize cost-efficient 2-step screenings for you. Improve your daily workflow with easyScreen's binaural automated ABR method by testing both ears at the same time.

NZ Medsafe ID: 180418-WAND-6Q65ZJ

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  • Doctor by a computer looking at a MAICO easyScreen
  • A healthcare person looking at a MAICO easyScreen while baby is sleeping in the background
  • A binaural automated ABR method is used while testing a sleeping baby with MAICO easyScreen and Sanibel Infant EarCup
  • Probe for MAICO easyScreen
  • Woman performing a screening test on a sleeping baby and the mother is watching
  • MAICO easyScreen
  • A mother holding her baby while doctor is performing a screening with a MAICO easyScreen
  • MAICO easyScreen from the side
  • MAICO easyScreen floating in the air
  • MAICO easyScreen

Features and downloads

  • Fast and easy ABR + OAE hearing screening
  • Powerful ABR detection algorithm for testing within seconds
  • Truly intuitive user interface
  • Small and lightweight