Amplivox Optec 5500P

The Optec 5000P is a portable dual lens (near and far) vision tester that can measure visual acuity, depth perception, colour vision, lateral and vertical phoria and peripheral vision. In comparision to the Optec 5000P, the Optec 5500P can be operated via a remote control.

The Optec 5000P is ideal for all industrial and DSE vision screening requirements. Standardised test slide kits are available to meet the needs of industrial and primary care organisations. For specialist needs, there is a library of over 150 test slides available.

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Features and downloads

  • Ideal for industrial and DSE screening needs
  • Dual lens system for testing bifocal patients 6/4.5 (20/15) to 6/60 (20/200) visual acuity range
  • Unique maintenance free LED lighting system Portable
  • No calibration required
  • Remote control panel (5500P only)