Portable and Stand-alone Audiometer

The MA 41 audiometer offers a wide range of functions ideal for mobile audiometry, hearing aid fitting and ENT diagnostics. It is capable of tone and speech audiometry with AC, BC and free-field testing and includes the test signals sinus tone, warble tone, narrow band and speech noise.

Use a SD-memory card or external sources for playback of speech files. The MA 41 has ports for CD speech material and live voice speech by microphone. Speed up your hearing tests with the easy to use talk forward and talk back functions as well as the monitoring of all signals via the internal speaker or monitor phone – especially handy in noise excluding cabins.

The ergonomic design and the user-friendly interface of the MA 41 allow comfortable handling even on a long workday.

NZ Medsafe ID: 150818-WAND-6KDF89

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Features and downloads

  • Tone and speech audiometer for AC, BC (phone and inserts) and free-fi eld testing
  • Sinus tone, warble tone, narrow band and speech noise
  • Speech tests from SD memory card, CD or via microphone
  • Individual customization by extensive confi guration options
  • Direct printout of the results via optional external printer
  • USB PC interface
  • Optional patient database or NOAH compatible software
  • Internal patient database for more than 1000 test results